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LED Growers’ Guide for Cannabis from LumiGrow Inc.

April 9, 2018

LumiGrow Inc., a smart horticultural lighting company, released their LED Growers’ Guide for Cannabis today. The guide is intended to instruct cannabis growers on how to use LED lighting strategies to maximize profits, boost yields, increase crop quality, and elicit desired plant characteristics. Those that download the guide will learn: Lighting requirements for cannabis How…

Knives and Forks

January 5, 2018

Lately I’ve been thinking about money, investment and generational barriers.  I volunteer at my local community garden located in Sonoma, California. The 6 acre property was a gift from Pauline Bond, schoolteacher and a gardener, to the City of Sonoma. Sonoma Ecology Center maintains it to promote sustainable garden & farming practices in the community. The…


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