LED Growers’ Guide for Cannabis from LumiGrow Inc.

LumiGrow Inc., a smart horticultural lighting company, released their LED Growers’ Guide for Cannabis today. The guide is intended to instruct cannabis growers on how to use LED lighting strategies to maximize profits, boost yields, increase crop quality, and elicit desired plant characteristics. Those that download the guide will learn:

Lighting requirements for cannabis

How light intensity, quality, and photoperiod can be used to direct cannabis growth

How to calibrate temperature, supplemental CO2, and vapor pressure deficits to optimize crop growth across growth stages.

What leading researchers are learning about light’s interaction with cannabis

The cannabis industry is becoming increasingly competitive as legalization continues to be seen across the world. To continue to prosper as profit margins compress, it is crucial for growers to implement innovative strategies to boost their bottom-line. Lumigrow Research works with 3rd-party consultants and University partners to educate growers on the best ways to apply world-class technologies and advanced lighting strategies for cannabis cultivation.

The LED Growers’ Guide for Cannabis gives lighting recommendations for growers looking to get more out of their horticultural lighting system.

Supplemental lighting is especially important for cannabis growers, due to the high light needs of their crop. LED technology provides multi-use utility for these growers. The luminaires provide needed light for robust crop production in both greenhouses and indoor grow rooms, while also allowing for control of desired crop characteristics. By dynamically changing the spectrum of LEDs, cannabis growers can increase yield, control growth rate, and influence THC, cannabinoid, and terpene levels.

LumiGrow Research makes recommendations within this guide based on prior partnerships, professional horticultural resources, and leading scholastic research.